Polka Dot Dry Riesling 750

    Riesling, a hearty and fragrant grape, is the best known of Germany's varietals. It grows especially well in the southwest Pfalz region of the country, Germany's warmest and largest wine producing region. The small Riesling grapes ripen late on the vine, and are so versatile that they can produce wines that run the gamut, from bone dry to sweet and nectar-like. With a history of winemaking that dates back to around 100 B.C., and year-round favorable weather and soil conditions, the Pfalz region and its winemakers produce consistently exceptional Rieslings of QbA quality. Taste Profile Color: Brilliant, white gold Bouquet: Lime and citrus fruit aromas Palate: Soft fruit flavors of pear, lime and citrus with floral notes Finish: Crisp acidity balances sweetness for a clean, yet lingering finish.