Dreaming Tree White Wine, Everyday, Central Coast, 2012

    Standing here - the old man said to me - long before these crowded streets - here stood the dreaming tree. An exciting collaboration between Dave Matthews and acclaimed winemaker Steve Reeder, Dreaming Tree captures the spirit of California's wine country. United by their shared passion to make quality wines accessible to everyone, the two friends set out on a journey to discover the unique characters and rich flavors that give the region its rare charm. The Lighthouse: Once a beacon of safe passage now a quaint reminder smoke signals and cave paintings but we drank wine when the world was flat. - Dave Matthews. Everyday is the natural white companion to our fan favorite, Crush. Blended from select aromatic varietals that thrive in the Central Coast vineyards of Monterey County, Everyday is perfect as a sipping wine and it also goes extremely well with spicy foods. - Steve Reeder. Follow the journey at: dreamingtreewines.com. Alc 12.5% by vol. Vinted and bottled by The Dreaming Tree, Geyserville, CA.