Colome Malbec

    High altitude vineyards. 1831. Donald Hess. Founder. Wines of distinction have been crafted at Colome in the Upper Calchaqui Valley in the Salta region since 1831. Four estate vineyards are blended to achieve the finest expression of Malbec. As the backbone of the blend, Colome vineyard (65%) surrounds the winery at 2300 metres and lends complexity and weight. El Arena vineyard (25%) at 2700 metres gives elegance and freshness to the blend. La Brava vineyard (5%) sits at 1700 metres and yields intense ripe fruit. Altura Maxima (5%) ad 3111 metres and highest vineyard in the world gives floral and mineral notes with fine grain tannins to the assemblage. Higher altitudes offer much more sun, much less UV protection and produce a thicker skinned grape that delivers a more robust taste with fresh acidity to support it. 14.9% alc by vol. Produced and bottled by Grupo Colome S.A. I.N.V. S-70628. Valle Calchaqui Salta, Argentina. Red wine - product of Argentina.