Ecco Domani Cab Merlot 750

    Ecco Domani Cabernet/Merlot blends the rich texture and firm tannins of Cabernet with the softer tannins and long, complex finish of Merlot to create a medium bodied wine with a deep ruby red color. Aromas of spice and ripe berry from the Cabernet merge with the well-ripened blackberry fruit of the Merlot. The wine is characterized by spice and cherry on the palate. Production Area. Our fruit is from the Northeastern Tre Venezie region of Italy. With a climate similar to Northern California's ideal grape growing regions, the Tre Venezie has cool nights and warm days, which contributed to exceptional grape maturation. Grapes for the 2005 vintage were grown in following areas within the Tre Venezie region: the Vallagarina Valley in the Province of Trento, Grave del Friuli in the Province of Udine and Pordenone, and Grave del Veneto in the Province of Treviso.