Turning Leaf White Zinfanfel 750 ML

Turning Leaf winemakers selected vineyards near the central California town of Lodi for the 2006 vintage. White Zinfandel is actually made using red wine grapes and Lodi, in recent years, has developed a reputation for producing Zinfandel rich in flavor and spice. With average daytime temperatures that run a little warmer in season than its neighbors to the north, this region still benefits from cooler conditions at night, a phenomena that prevents the grapes from ripening too quickly. A slower pace gives Zinfandel time to intensify and expand its natural character. As harvest draws near, Turning Leaf winemakers spend more and more time in the vineyards, tasting and inspecting the grapes. Picking begins the moment the crop achieves optimal ripeness and often takes place at night when the grapes are cooler and less prone to damage.