Turning Leaf Chard Box 3

Chardonnay is richer and exhibits greater complexity than other white varietals, which is not to say that you must be something of a wine snob to enjoy it; on the contrary, Turning Leaf Vineyards produces Chardonnay vintages laden with natural character that, at the same time, are really quite approachable. The key lies in the grape. By selecting vineyards in microclimates ideal for Chardonnay and carefully nurturing the fruit so that it can reach optimal ripeness on the vine, Turning Leaf winemakers give themselves a remarkable advantage in the cellar. The harvest displays a full palate of flavor, a natural complexity that doesn't require a great deal of oak influence to speak volumes. Instead, these wines benefit from a subtle balance of fruit quality and oak that attests to their continued popularity, while making their layered richness a little easier to appreciate.