7 Heavenly Chardonnay, Lodi Appellation, 2006

Heavenly Chords of an angelic line, each with a task simply divine. chardonnays Justice, balanced and true, resurgence of light, life brought anew. Chardonnays Temperance, patient and mild, riding the storms and taming the wilds. Chardonnays Prudence, cautious and wise, embracing the earth, arms to the skies. Chardonnays Faith, the intangible shield, solid as stone, refusing to yield. Chardonnays Endurance, the river within, rising to flow, again and again. Chardonnays Hope, a spark to ignite, an unquenchable flame, a beacon of light. Chardonnays Love, reigning supreme, uniting them all in this heavenly dream - Kevin Phillips. Alc. by vol. 14.5%. Product of U.S.A.