Lindemans Premier Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, South Eastern Australia, Vint. 2011

Est. 1843. 250+ medals award winning wine. Lindeman's Fabled History: Since 1843, when Dr Henry Lindeman hand-crafted his first wine vintage, Lindeman's has continued to consistently create award-winning wines, making it one of Australia's most respected and enduring wineries. At 168 years it remains Australia's oldest continually running winery. Lindeman's is sold in over 100 countries with over 1 million bottles of Lindeman's wines enjoyed every week of the year, throughout the year. Lindeman's Quality in a Box: Lindeman's is unmatched in its timeless commitment to quality. Lindeman's has won over 250+ medals and 50+ Best Buy awards making it one of the most highly decorated brands in its price category. You will be amazed at the exceptional quality, convenience, and value of Lindeman's Premier Selection in a box. It is the perfect choice for the practical, yet discerning wine enthusiast. Lindeman's Premier Selection Cabernet Sauvignon: Lindeman's Premier Selection wines are true to Dr. Lindeman's philosophy of selecting the best grapes from premium wine regions. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is an approachable, full flavored wine with rich blackcurrant and a smooth finish. Enjoy with grilled meat or rich pasta dishes. Stays Fresh Up to 1 Month After Opening: Lindeman's wine is stored in a vacuum-sealed bag, which prevents exposure to light and air that spoils bottled wine in a few days after opening. Enjoy premium wine whenever you want without worries of waste or spoilage. This box will stay fresh up to one month after opening. Environmentally-Friendly: Lindeman's recyclable package requires significantly less energy to produce and transport. It lowers the carbon footprint by 50% and produces less waste and landfill compared to four glass bottles. Convenient Packaging: Experience Lindeman's exceptional wines from a convenient box and pour spout. It conveniently fits on the counter or in the refrigerator. It is easy to carry to barbeques, picnics, and parties. Lindeman's Premier Selection is a perfect choice no matter what the occasion - a glass with dinner, sharing with friends, or at a party. One Box Equals 4 Bottles: Lindeman's 3-liter box contains the equivalent of 4 standard 750ml bottles of wine. Red wine. Imported and packed by TWE Imports, Napa, CA. Product of Australia.